A Breakfast-Brunch Cookbook by Judy Thompson

"Tequila Sunrises"

Judy's second cookbook is a collection of interesting recipes for breakfast and brunch. When the weekend rolls around, these breakfast ideas will give you a delicious reason to get out of bed! Spiral-bound to lie flat on your counter, it contains 60-plus pages of recipes, arranged into easy-to-follow menus for each season of the year. Detailed "Do-Ahead" tips make it easy to relax with your family and friends.
Tequila Sunrises Cookbook
Brunch can be any time - from leisurely weekend mornings to a late supper when you're on the run during the week. Try Tortilla Crepes and Summer Fruit if you're feeling decadent,or a New Mexico BLT for a not-so-average supper. Add a spicy Chile-Pepper Mary or a traditional Orange Julius. This cookbook provides all the inspiration you'll need for the perfect meal-if you can just find someone to help you wash the dishes! Many of the recipes have a decidedly New Mexico flavor,but they can be enjoyed anywhere, whenever a special "Brunch Event" is in order.

Here's a partial list of the Recipes in the Cookbook:

Herb Omelet on a Bun
Eggs Florentine with Tarragon Sauce
Chinese Omelet with Water Chestnut Sauce
Tequila Sunrise
Fried Egg Salad with Vinaigrette
Baked Pancake with Fresh Peach Filling
Basil and Green Tomato Omelet
Tortilla Crepe and Summer Fruit
New Mexico BLT
Spaghetti and Eggs
Vegetable Hash with Poached Eggs
Salty Dog

"Tequila Sunrises" Brunch Cookbook
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